About Us


Hello and welcome to the Pippa's Paws family!

We are Tash and Vin and we live in North Wales with our 3 year old Dalmatian Pippa, who is mum to 13 gorgeous spotty babies who were born in August 2020.

After the puppies left for their forever homes, we set ourselves a challenge in October to walk to all the different peaks we could see from where we live.
6am starts and 3 hour daily walks kept us sane through lockdown and got us talking. 
It suddenly dawned on us that we were faced with a problem every single morning on our walking challenges. We would find ourselves walking along with dog leads in hand, a bag of dog poop, mobile phones (for photo opportunities of course) and a coffee! 
Most walks would result in us carrying a poo bag for hours, as there would be no bins in sight. (Wouldn't you agree there never seems to be a dog bin when you need one!)
That's when the idea dawned upon us! We need a bag to hold the leads so we can free up our hands. We combined this bag idea with a matching harness, lead and collar for Pippa and our imagination started to grow.
What we did next...
We started to gather funds, make contact with contractors, manufacturers and sourced prototype samples.
Then one morning we were walking Pippa and her sister Lulu with our bag on shoulders and still had the problem of holding the poop bags and yet again, no bins in sight. We had one free hand to drink the coffee (thank goodness) but the chilled winter air was biting at that poop holding hand.
We needed to solve this problem too...
We sat down and searched the internet for possible solutions, but failed to find one that could solve all of our problems and was suitable. We started to draw up some ideas.
 The 'DumpStore' Backpack was born!
A stylish backpack to match with your pooch, designed either by ourselves or selected by us to include a hard, airtight container to hold poop. This container has its own dedicated pocket on the bag and is accessible from the outside only, which would keep the remaining compartments separate for hygiene reasons.
Our mission is to free up dog owners hands whilst looking stylish and to help keep the beautiful countryside free from dog mess, and those random abandoned plastic poop bags, you often find on the side of the footpaths.
Never worry about those walks or long hikes and embarrassing hours of carrying poop for others to see (and smell).
You can follow our adventures on Instagram @pippaspaws we are also on Facebook and TikTok. Be sure to use our Hashtag #pippaspaws we look forward to seeing you and your pooch on your adventures in Pippa's Paws gear.
We appreciate your support being a small start up business and would love to hear from you if you have any questions, feedback (good or bad) or if you want to simply say hi, you can reach us here pippa@pippaspaws.com

  Thank you Tash, Vin & Pippa X