The 'DumpStore'

The 'DumpStore' was invented whilst out walking Pippa during October 2020. We first wanted somewhere to store the leads whilst out on a walk, so started taking out our rucksack. 
The cold air was still biting at our hand that was swinging about the poop bag. We searched the internet but couldn't find a product that could securely carry the poop & the leads at the same time. 
We drew up a sketch and got prototyping, patent writing and, finally, a finished product!


The 'DumpStore' features: 
  • Dedicated poop compartment, complete with securely locking, airtight container so the poop does not get squashed during your walks
  • Internal Key holder
  • Main compartment with accessory dividers
  • Front pocket
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Space foam padding for comfort and breathability
  • Luggage strap (to place on to your suitcase)
  • A Patent pending design ( No : GB2100339.7 )